SauceOdyssey Version of the Most Spicy Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are a practical and cost-effective staple food. Usually instant noodles have a tasty and slightly spicy taste. Along with the development of the times, the market demand for instant noodles with a spicy taste has increased so that several countries have issued instant noodles with a spicy taste and not like noodles in general.

On this occasion, we will discuss five instant noodles that have a very spicy taste. Curious about what brand of instant noodles? Here are 5 of the hottest Instant Noodles.

  • Ghost Pepper

    7 SauceOdyssey Version of the Most Spicy Instant Noodles

    Noodles with black cup packaging are claimed to be the hottest instant noodles in the world today. The level of spiciness of these instant noodles even outperforms Samyang’s instant noodles from South Korea. Interestingly, the color of the noodles served by ghost pepper is black according to the instant noodle cup packaging. Although the color of the packaging is so-so and the color of the noodles is black, the spiciness is able to beat the spiciness of the red Samyang noodles, which were known as the hottest noodles before ghost pepper. Intrigued by the price? The price of Ghost Pepper Noodles is currently around 50,000 thousand rupiah. You can buy this product at online stores such as Tokopedia, Lazada, or shopee.
  • My Kuali Penang White Curry Noodle


    This instant noodle is very popular in Malaysia. Apart from Malaysia, these instant noodles are also popular in Asia. In fact, because of its popularity, this instant noodle is included in the list of 10 most tolerated instant noodles in the 2013 Ramen Rater version and is in seventh position. The texture of these noodles is very soft and the sauce served also has a savory taste and a spicy sensation that can test your level of spiciness.
  • CarJen Hot & Spicy Dry Curry

    spicy noodles in the world

    If you are looking for instant noodles with the maximum enjoyment level of curry soup, then you should try these instant noodles. Apart from the savory texture of the curry broth, you will also get a spicy sensation that is not inferior to other spicy instant noodles. These instant noodles are very popular with local Malaysian residents, besides that many foreigners who come are also interested in the taste of this Malaysian-made instant noodle.
  • Paldo Teumsae Ramyun

    very spicy noodle in the world

    If you are a lover of instant noodles, of course you should try this noodle. The noodles from this ginseng country have a fairly high level of spiciness. Apart from being spicy, these noodles are also so delicious that they are recognized as the hottest and tastiest instant noodles in South Korea for four consecutive years. Besides that, you can also enjoy octopus toping and other seafood served in this instant noodle.
  • Samyang Foods Buldak Bokkeummyeon

    spicy noodles

For Samyang instant noodles, you must be familiar, in fact, you might even have enjoyed all the flavors of this South Korean product. Mie Samyang is also often used as a challenge for YouTubers to mukbang these instant noodles. Samyang noodles are very easy to find because these instant noodles are very popular in today’s world. If you really like spicy food, then we suggest you try the Samyang noodles with a red wrap.

  • Habanero Ramyun

    noodle spicy

    The next instant noodles also come from the country of ginseng, namely South Korea. The name of Habanero Ramyun noodles is inspired by the hottest chili in the world, Habanero chili. The thick texture of the sauce adds to the spiciness of this instant noodle.

Those are some of the hottest instant noodles in the world of sauceodyssey versions. How ? Are you interested in trying some of the instant noodle variants above?