Dear Adventurous Flavor Seekers

Welcome, and thank you for dropping by our website!! The Sauce Odyssey team and I are tremendously excited to bring to you this sauce-centric experience and want you to know how much we appreciate all your support! We very much look forward to making your acquaintance in person. Please take a brief moment to learn a little more about what we feel makes us unique…

-Rod Crosby (Founder)

The Sauce Odyssey philosophy

We believe in an interactive marketplace!

WHY? Because your hard earned money should be spent on things you KNOW you like!!

HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THAT? By being an interactive version of the condiment aisle in a grocery store. We want all of our sauces to touch tongues, free of charge so that our customers’ taste buds can form their own love affairs. We intentionally keep an exclusive class of 14 sauces in order to know our makers more intimately and not overwhelm guests. This way, we can tell their incredible stories, both visually and verbally, in efforts to connect them with a much larger audience. Win/win!

UNITE! Come connect with other like-minded sauce lovers at our trailer! Together, you may discover a world of flavors outside the ones you already know and love. Just as you may have formed memories around certain sauces from your past, why not make new ones around the sauces we have hand selected?! A few new friends with similar interests never hurt either! 😉

SHARE THE WEALTH! We are merely here to start the dialogue. At Sauce Odyssey, we cherish and appreciate our audience because we know you will help carry the conversation. Nothing pleases us more than to see our social pages buzzing with your recipes inspired by Sauce Odyssey flavors! We’re also all ears when it comes to sauces you care to share…

SAMPLE & EXPLORE! Even though our tasting bar is self-serve, allow us to give you and your friends and family “the royal (sauce) tour”! We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the exclusive seller of any product we carry within the Austin market. We even offer refrigerated bottles of sauces so that you may consume them on the premises. Several of our kitchen’s dishes make for a tasty canvas, just begging for your sauce of choice. So, no matter whether sauces are your vice or delicious global foods, we have you covered!

Craving more heat?? While flavor and their applicability remain our concentration, we will still carry some hotter varieties for the endorphin seekers out there.

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