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With a tasting bar boasting an eclectic lineup of hand-selected sauces, we were faced with the challenge of pairing it with a cohesive food offering. Nachos and rotisserie were two words that seemed to emerge from all the brainstorming sessions. After all, what’s not to like about a tantalizing plate of nachos; especially when coupled with meats and vegetables that are carefully roasted for hours? It is even better when you have the good fortune of crossing paths with virtuoso chef, Judd Servidio. With nothing more than a vague roadmap handed to him, the menu began to organically take shape with a theme of global foods as its driving force. Shortly thereafter, Chef Judd was stamping out country after country in his Sauce Odyssey passport, with flavors hailing from lands near and far. Although our creations may not resemble nachos in the traditional sense, a concerted effort was made to preserve some of the same principles that make the nacho what it is. We wanted to push the envelope by presenting our own very loose interpretation of the beloved Mexican dish, only pretending as if it had originated elsewhere. This gave us the freedom to dream up fun and unorthodox twists on the “tortilla chip”; only now, we would be using ingredients indigenous to the countries we randomly chose to explore. Short on air miles? Come let us take you on a virtual trip around the world through your senses!

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